My Practice Philosophy

Personal Attention

As a solo practitioner, I have been able to structure my practice to serve you better. I have made a deliberate decision to avoid the “factory” or “assembly line” model of most orthopedic offices. Your care will not be handed off to a “physician extender”. I see all my patients at every office visit. My goal is to give you the attention you deserve, and listen to all of your concerns. I give everyone the same care I would hope to receive for my family or myself.

Respecting Your Preferences 

Despite the many exciting advancements in my specialty, there are still traditional and alternative treatments for orthopedic conditions that might work quite well. Although I often recommend one form of treatment over another, I also respect your preferences. I will inform you about the various options, and let you make the final decision regarding treatment.

Comprehensive Care

During my many years of medical and orthopedic training, and over 20 years of private practice, I have developed expertise in a wide variety of orthopedic conditions and injuries in patients of all ages. I do not work on spines (backs and necks), facial bones, or ribs, but I treat conditions and injuries to virtually all of the remaining musculoskeletal system. I am confident in my knowledge and skills and provide unsurpassed care in my specialty. Whether you are a child, an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned citizen, you will receive exceptional care at this office.    

State-of-the-Art Expertise

I am fortunate to have worked and trained with some of the true giants and innovators of orthopedic surgery. Additionally, I keep my skills sharpened with on-going seminars, training, reading and research. The field of orthopedic surgery is dynamic and continually improving. It is a specialty that I truly love. My scientific background and a fascination for things mechanical help to drive my interest. I am particularly involved in minimally invasive joint replacement, knee ligament reconstruction, joint/cartilage preservation and regeneration, advanced arthroscopic techniques, and new materials and biomaterials.