Recent Patient Testimonials

Having an active life in law enforcement and the military, I was not ready for constant shoulder pain and restricted movement on a daily basis. After my initial consultation and follow up visits with Dr. Weise, I was given all my available options in a clear and easily understood way. Given my condition, total shoulder replacement was my obvious choice. One year later, I have no pain in my shoulder and total unrestricted movement. I love golf and previously I had difficulty swinging without suffering pain. With the total shoulder replacement my swing tempo is back and full extension of my backswing. I even added 50 yards to my drives! Thanks to Dr. Weise, my retirement is again active and without shoulder pain.

John Zubrick

"I became a patient of Dr. Weise when my husband and I retired to the Central Coast 5 years ago. I found him to be a very warm human being who always made me feel that my time was important. He never rushed me through a visit and was always ready to listen to my concerns. When I had my double knee replacement in 2010 he was wonderful. The nurses at the hospital kept telling me how lucky I was to have him as my Orthopedist, as he is a perfectionist and his work is impeccable. His office staff is always warm and caring and they go the extra mile to make your visits easy and smooth. I have recommended Dr. Weise to several friends without hesitation."

Kathy Esposto

"Dr. Weise has been my doctor for the last five years - repairing two torn meniscus and then a third procedure on my right knee. He has always taken the time to explain everything he was going to do during the procedures. On top of that, knowing my love for running he explained to me in detail that if I did run again that most likely I would need knee replacement (so for the last few years I have always used the elliptical in our fitness center and taking long bike rides - which he has concurred with). He has a very easy manner (translated: great bedside doctor) - making a patient feel at ease as soon as he walks into the room. There are at least a few good orthopedic surgeons on the Central Coast; however, for me I am glad I selected Dr. Weise to be my doctor and I will continually go to him should I have additional problems in the future."

Jerry Kandel

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to provide a testimonial for Dr. Weise from my real time experience of a double knee replacement in February 2011.

I have always played several sports despite deteriorating knees, preferring to play rather than take time out to surgically address the situation. After four arthroscopies and a staph infection, I felt the time was right which fortuitously coincided with my hearing of Dr. Weise. He performed a double knee replacement on one of my neighbours which turned out so well I was persuaded to commit myself to the same.

Dr. Weise proved to be an inspired choice. He exudes a minimum of fuss but a maximum of concern. I always felt I was in good hands throughout the process. His professionalism and particularly his aftercare left nothing to chance. I am back playing tennis and walking the golf course, both two or three times a week. If I ever have any questions about my ability to continue doing that, he is always there for me to consult.

In conclusion, I readily recommend Dr. Weise to all prospective patients looking to improve their situation. He certainly improved mine."

Peter Evans

"Dr. Weise has been my orthopedic doctor for four years. I find him to be a very caring, approachable and professional doctor who takes the time to explain procedures recommended. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my knee. Dr. Weise was very thorough and patient in describing the options available to me to alleviate the pain and swelling. I am a very active senior citizen and was reluctant to have surgery. Over the course of four years, I attempted all the treatments available to avoid surgery, and I was never pressured into having surgery. When finally surgery was the only option left, I was comfortable with the decision. Dr. Weise's care and surgical skills were apparent from my quick recovery. He was always available when I had questions or concerns between my regularly scheduled appointments and would fit me into his schedule."

William Kennedy

"I have seen Dr. Weiss 4 times now, in the last five months, for a couple of nagging issues I've been experiencing. He has been delightful, knowledgeable, and best of all, has improved my life. Thank you Dr. Marc Weiss."

Bill Murphy

"In March, 2013, I had an accident that resulted in an injury to my knee. Based upon many recommendations within my community in Nipomo, as well as my husband, I chose to see Dr. Weise.

During my first visit, he spent a lot of time explaining my injury and my options. I opted for surgery. The next few months, however, I would be on crutches. I am an active person, and I was distressed about not being able to exercise. He volunteered to make me a cast I could use specifically for swimming. How many doctors would do that? It saved me!

My post-op visit was very intersting. Dr. Weise showed me actual photos of my knee during surgery, and he provided a detailed explanation of my injuries and the surgical procedure. The surgery was a success, and my recovery went very well. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Weise is very approachable, likable and goes out of his way to keep his patients informed. I highly recommend him as an orthopedic surgeon."

Gayle Hurlburt